10 Facebook Ad Campaigns That Will Maximize Your ROI

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When setting up your Facebook advertising plan, increasing your brand awareness is a top priority. The best way to do this is to create targeted Facebook advertising campaigns targeting potential customers at their different levels of brand awareness. Here are 10 Facebook ad campaigns that should be on your radar:

Brand awareness campaigns

Brand awareness campaigns are for advertisers who want people to remember their brand. There won’t be much need for most advertisers to use this objective because you always want to allocate your ad dollars to actionable events. However, if it is used, it is often targeted to cold, unconscious traffic.

Reach campaigns

Reach campaigns are for advertisers who want to increase the number and number of people who see their ads. You can use this type of campaign strategically for retargeting purposes to effectively reach audiences where the total number of people who see an ad is more important than Facebook being selective about who sees it. The goal of reaching audiences that feel warm and aware of your business is often used against cold, unconscious traffic.

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Traffic campaigns

Traffic campaigns display ads to users with the intent of taking them away from Facebook to your website, app in the App Store, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp. Usually, you attract cold and unconscious traffic when using a traffic campaign. These campaigns are best suited for situations where you want to increase the number of people who visit your website at the lowest cost per visit. You often don’t ask this traffic to take any other action on your web page.

Post-participation campaigns

The post-engagement campaign objective will show your ad to the people most likely to like, comment, and share your ad. The only time you will use this objective is to provide social proof of the ad. You can run post campaigns in cold and warm traffic.

Page Like Campaigns

The Likes on Page campaign improves ads for the people who are most likely to like your Page. The only reason to run this type of campaign is because you have a new Facebook page and you want to quickly increase the number of page likes. We usually tell customers that you’ll want 100 page likes to signal to people that you’re a real company. Most of the time you will be running this campaign in cold, unconscious traffic. However, we also ran this campaign for people who are familiar with a business to get them to start liking a new page.

Reactions to Events Campaigns

Event response campaigns are meant to get people to respond (by saying they are going or interested) to events created on Facebook. To create this campaign, your event must be active and tickets must be sold online. You will normally only run this campaign to warm up the traffic conscious of events happening in a local or regional area.

App install campaigns

The App Installs campaign will be used to advertise your Apple or Android app on mobile devices. Facebook gives you the ability to direct users from your ad to Google Play or the App Store and improve your install or purchase procedures. The great thing for advertisers is that you can let Facebook track everything in your app so you can keep track of many user events and actions. When setting up your ad, you can not only select the platform you want to advertise on but also iOS or Android versions as well as device type like iPads vs iPhones. App install campaigns are suitable for both cold and warm visits depending on your marketing objectives.

Video views campaigns

You can use video views campaigns to sort and filter cold traffic and identify people who might be interested in what you’re selling without requiring them to leave Facebook. For example, one of the least expensive ways to mine is to use a video ad and cast a wide net to a cool audience because video views are so cheap in the Facebook world. Facebook keeps track of the statistics of every video played on its platform.

Lead Generation Campaigns

Lead generation campaigns are a unique way to collect leads for your business without having to create a form on a web page. In fact, this allows you to collect a large amount of information from a potential customer without having to leave the Facebook platform. This is a low-friction method of collecting threads. You avoid disrupting a person’s user experience by keeping them on Facebook instead of switching to your website and back again. They don’t usually have to type in their contact information because it’s pre-filled. They also never have to check their email or spam folder for a confirmation. Especially on mobile devices, it’s a simple and elegant way to gather leads. You will typically use lead generation campaigns for cold, unconscious traffic.

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Message campaigns

Message campaigns give you the opportunity to run an ad to start a conversation with a Facebook user via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. You can also display advertisements called sponsored messages within existing Messenger conversations that users have already had with your Page. There are a number of creative ways to use this type of campaign. We’ve personally used this objective to connect with our most prepared potential clients by asking them a question and inviting them into a conversation. Many potential customers often need to have a simple question answered before buying, which makes this a great solution to do so.

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