Bitcoin, Ethereum Profitability For Investors

The battle for higher profitability between Bitcoin and Ethereum has been a long-running one. These two cryptocurrencies hold the majority of the market share in the market and, therefore, have the largest amount of supporters. Despite working in the same space, the rivalry between them is unparalleled. It doesn’t just end at the networks themselves, but flows into the communities that support both origins, with each claiming to be superior to the other.

Bitcoin vs Ethereum

The profitability of each of these digital assets has been phenomenal in the past few years. They have solidified their reputation as millionaire makers since their inception. However, competition is still the best option when it comes to investing.

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On a yearly basis, the newer and smaller Ethereum has proven to generate the most returns for investors, usually outperforming the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin by more than 2x on various occasions. This has drawn more investors into it and speculation that Ethereum is the better option.

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This school of thought is also backed by data showing investor profitability across both digital assets. Sees Ethereum offline 54% of all holders winBypassing Bitcoin owners. However, that’s only by a small margin considering that 52% of BTC investors are winning. This also shines in the loss zone where ETH and BTC are losing 42% and 43% respectively. This puts both cryptocurrencies on roughly equal footing.

Sticking through Bear Market

Both digital assets have a good reputation for being good options to hold in the bear market. Where Bitcoin shines, though, is its ability to better weather through bear market trends. During the last bear market, Bitcoin fell just over 80% while Ethereum saw a drop of over 90%.

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This is the case with the current bear market Where Bitcoin proves to hold up better yet again. Since its all-time high in November, Bitcoin has fallen about 56%. However, the price of ETH has fallen by more than 63% in the same time period.

One thing that remains constant across these two digital assets is the fact that long-term holders are more likely to turn a profit compared to those who choose to hold them only in the short-term. Wallets that have held their cryptocurrency for more than a year are more likely to be in the green compared to those that don’t.

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