Dropshipping Review, Pros & Cons, and How to Start

You probably already know that choosing the best dropshipping supplier for your online store is not easy. But this is something that you will have to address at some point if you are looking to enter the dropshipping industry.

How many suppliers have caught your eye lately? Is BigBuy one of them?

If that’s the case (and you want to learn more about BigBuy dropshipping) you’ve come to the right place. In this article, our goal is to help you decide if you should start dropshipping with this company.

BigBuy Dropshipping: What Kind of BigBuy Business?

BigBuy is a wholesale and dropshipping supplier based in Spain, Europe. Since its launch in 2012, this B2B company has supplied businesses of all types with products across many different categories.

This multi-product resource sells to traditional stores, wholesalers, and distributors. But it primarily focuses on e-commerce, which means it works with online merchants who want to resell their products through online marketplaces or their own online stores. Once again, BigBuy offers dropshipping services. This means that you can keep all of the company’s inventory at your disposal without having to own a warehouse or keep any inventory.

If you’re still not sure if working with this resource can benefit your business, read our comprehensive BigBuy dropshipping review below and learn the pros and cons of dropshipping with this resource.

Pros and Cons of BigBuy Dropshipping

We’ve spent a great deal of time analyzing every aspect of choosing BigBuy as a dropshipping supplier. And our list of pros and cons should enable you to make the best decision for your business.

So, instead of being afraid of making the “wrong” decision, keep reading. Also, make sure you know the most common dropshipping mistakes. Additionally, follow some general dropshipping tips in order to become a better dropshipper.


• All-in-One Resource

BigBuy provides you with everything you need in one resource. By getting involved with this resource, for example, by starting a BigBuy dropshipping, you will have access to thousands of products across many categories at competitive prices. Of course, most of their products are always available.

bigbuy dropshipping

Moreover, this supplier offers expedited shipping to almost all countries around the world. And its product catalog is translated into 24 European languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, etc.

This allows you to make things easier for your customers, improve accessibility, and inspire more trust. And if your goal is to target the European market, this comprehensive resource could be just the right thing for what you need.

• Multi-channel integration platform

With BigBuy dropshipping, you can also take advantage of a multi-channel integration system. But what does this mean?

Well, BigBuy helps you centralize managing your dropshipping and selling activities across different sales channels from a single platform.

Multi-channel integration platform

In short, you can manage all your orders from just one platform, no matter if you’re selling in an online marketplace or through your own dropshipping store powered by some of the biggest and most popular e-commerce platforms. (We’ll talk about that in a minute.) This can increase your chances of getting as many customers and sales as possible.

• 360 Degree Dropshipping Shop

BigBuy’s 360 Dropshipping Shop provides everything you need to sell online. With it, you can start your dropshipping business without having to worry about any technical aspect. It’s a comprehensive, sound-key solution tailored to your business needs and synchronized with BigBuy.

Not only will it be ready in 2-5 days, but it’s also fully optimized for conversion with many dropshipping automation tools. This can significantly increase your dropshipping conversion rate.

Dropshipping Shop 360

But do you really need a turnkey solution when you can create your own dropshipping store? This depends on your needs and preferences.

For example, if you have poor technical skills and don’t want to waste time creating an online store, BigBuy’s 360° Dropshipping store might be a good option for you.

But the bad thing about going this route is that you may have to compete with many other dropshipping stores similar to yours.

However, by following the best practices of dropshipping marketing, you may be able to stay ahead of the curve.


• Expenses

Having to pay fees can be one of the main drawbacks of BigBuy dropshipping.

That is, to start dropshipping with this resource, you will have to pay two types of fees – registration and monthly fees. (Also, we’ll cover this topic in more detail later.)

However, the benefits outweigh the costs. Read on!

BigBuy Dropshipping Review

Now, let’s focus on this supplier’s products, shipping policy, return policy, etc.

1. Products

This dropshipping supplier boasts an extensive list of products across many categories such as:

  • home and garden;
  • computers and electronics;
  • health and beauty;
  • perfumes and cosmetics;
  • fashion and accessories;
  • Sports, entertainment, etc.

Plus, with new items added daily, BigBuy makes it easy for you to expand your product offerings.

BigBuy dropshipping also gives you access to wholesale pricing including individual units, which can be great for dropshipping. This may also result in good profit margins in dropshipping.

2. Shipping times

The Spanish dropshipping supplier does not place any limits on himself as he wants to make his mark in the world of e-commerce on a global scale. The company offers worldwide shipping, but it mainly ships to Europe.

In addition, they work with urgent carriers that can contribute to expediting shipping times. Most orders are processed and shipped within 24-48 hours.

Also, thanks to this supplier’s shipping tracking software, your customers can get real-time tracking and check the delivery status of their orders.

3. Returns

BigBuy has a refund and return policy that clearly states that they do not accept returns if an item is delivered in perfect condition to your customer but your customer changed their mind once they received the item. You, as a dropshipper, should not accept returns in such a case. Otherwise, it will be your responsibility to deal with this matter.

However, BigBuy accepts returns of faulty products. It will be BigBuy’s responsibility to cover the shipping costs, provided you report the problem to the supplier within 48 hours of delivery. Another important thing to mention here is that in some cases, if your customer requests a return (a low cost product) because the product arrived in poor condition, then BigBuy is more likely to refund your customer than to send them a new product.

Check out our previous article on how to handle dropshipping returns.

4. E-commerce platform and market integration

BigBuy is always striving to integrate new sales channels into its aforementioned omnichannel integration platform.

And as you can assume, with BigBuy dropshipping, you can sell on many online marketplaces like Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Rakuten, and many more.

Furthermore, you can also sell through your own dropshipping store hosted on Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Magento.

Again, thanks to the multi-channel integration system, you can manage all these sales channels from a single platform. And it’s not more complicated than that!

5. Pricing

As you can see in the image below, BigBuy has three pricing plans.

Choose the most suitable for you:

  • e-commerce package: €90.00 registration fee and €69.00 monthly fee; Keep in mind that an e-commerce package is perfect for you if you want to get products from BigBuy and resell them through your online store. With this pricing plan, you can take advantage of unlimited dropshipping shipments; e-commerce software connectors; API for products, orders, carriers and tracking; multi-channel integration platform; and so on and so on.
  • Marketplaces Pack: €90.00 registration fee and €99.00 monthly fee; As its name suggests, the Marketplaces Pack is perfect for you as long as you want to sell BigBuy products in online marketplaces. why? Because once you activate it, you can access the market connectors of your choice.
  • B2B package: €45.00 registration fee and no monthly fee; This pricing plan has certain limitations. Includes up to 3 dropshipping shipments per month. Therefore, it is not the best option for you because you are about to become a dropshipper.

How to start dropshipping with BigBuy

Interested in BigBuy dropshipping? You can start dropshipping with this resource in no time because doing so is very easy.

First, you have to click on the yellow color “Register for free” button to create an account.

Once you have provided some information about yourself and your business, for example, creating your account, you need to choose a pricing plan based on your needs.

last thoughts

Are you looking to target the European market and find an EU dropshipping supplier that carries general merchandise? Then, BigBuy might be the most promising dropshipping supplier to partner With BigBuy dropshipping, you may be able to literally sell wherever you want and get good profit margins on dropshipping. Sure, money isn’t everything. However, for many new e-commerce entrepreneurs, it is the top priority.




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