Facebook goes down, what about influencer marketing?

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Facebook, Instagram, its entire network of services, including WhatsApp, and even the internal communication tools themselves fell on September 4 for about six hours. Although after a month he says 6 hours it seems not so bad, in influential The world was living almost like an eternity.


Although giant managers founded it Mark Zuckerberg Rush to try to solve the situation through letters… on Twitter in which they admitted their fall,

The many hours that passed between the outage and reactivation and Facebook explaining its users to other platforms also led to the proliferation of memes (many of them very clever). Well, treating it with humor wasn’t such a bad thing.

Joking aside, the effect was extremely powerful and dangerous. Facebook is a major platform for messaging, live broadcasting, virtual reality, and many other digital services.

In some countries, such as India, Facebook is synonymous with the Internet. It is used by more than 3.5 billion people around the world Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp To connect with friends and family, distribute messages, and expand their business by creating ads and content.

How does it affect influencer marketing?

This fall not only affected millions of users around the world, but also content creators who live or supplement their income with their publications and collaborations on social networks.

In those six hours serving millions of memes and online jokes to others, they became a cause for concern, because despite taking a break from the Facebook world by a certain sector with relief, more than one wondered what would happen if Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp no ​​longer.

This outage delayed well-planned collaborations and sponsored content. Not being able to post means losing or delaying income for influencers.

Remember that Instagram, basically, is the platform most used by influencers to run paid campaigns. A 2020 study has already confirmed that Instagram is the queen of marketing campaigns with influencers, especially with advertisers who tend to Profiles from less than 100,000 followers (89%), i.e. by micro and nano influencers.

When they go offline, content creators not only lose contact with their audience, which negatively impacts engagement, but they also lose their main source of income.

What should be done in the future?

Among the explanations given by Facebook for this decline, it mentioned the interruption of internal communication tools, which impeded the ability of the platform to respond to the crisis.

This is just a reminder that crisis communication plans should detail the infrastructure and secondary communication systems. If an organization is the target of a cyber attack and loses access to email, how will you be able to contact stakeholders?

What was clear was that even when the most important player in social networks drops, there are still others to take the lead because the amazing social activity doesn’t stop.

Last month we saw how Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok may have benefited the most from this drop. Many influencers have focused on these networks not just to maintain contact with their audiences but to fulfill their brand commitments.

My advice to content creators is to diversify and always remember that social networks are there to be used, but there is no guarantee that they can fail.

It is necessary to have contingency plans to mitigate losses that occur due to this type of situation. Brands and content creators should not only focus on one platform, but also be active on other platforms, those that have their followers.

Both brands and influencers should create their own products E-mail system for communicating with their audience, Without relying solely on social platforms.

If social networks have shown one thing, it is that there are always ways to reinvent, innovate, and reach audiences wherever they are.

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