How Often Should You Pin on Pinterest?

You recently received a file Excellent question in a Facebook group (Which you should definitely join in for more inside info on all things Pinterest- Read to the end to find out how.)

Ask the user How often should you comment on Pinterest. I mentioned that my Thumb rule for installation 15 times a day Sounds daunting and wondered if this kind of frequency is a coil forever strategy or it should be reduced slowly over time, and During any period of time.

My answer is that while there are some Minimum and maximum base ranges for daily installation, the frequency that you fully implement Unique to your brand and based on your content and assets.

Pin frequencies

the The packages we offer ranging from 10-25 pins per day. For the average content creator who really wants to capitalize on Pinterest marketing, I think 10 Pins per day, including a mix of your own content and curated contentIt should be minimal.

the pin frequency must be around 25 pins per day. Anything more than this would be overkill unless your brand has a lot to it Content and images ready for Pinterest within reach. Start pushing much further with installation schedule And you can actually harm your reach.

If you’re just starting out and don’t have a large archive of content or articles on your blog, or maybe if you’re an e-commerce person who doesn’t sell a huge range of products, then 15 pins a day can be a lot when launching your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Consistency is the key

The most important thing to keep in mind is that Pinterest wants you to be consistent. Once the Pinterest algorithm sees that you are consistent and you are Share high quality contentWhether that means informative blog articles to link to your Pins, or beautiful images that send visitors to your product listings, Pinterest will start to grow. impressions And display your content to other users more often.

To achieve this, you must install constantly. Even if that means you only install two pins a day, as long as it’s every day, it’s much better than dropping a bunch of pins on the table intermittently.

Since I started as a Pinterest marketing strategist and enthusiast, I see a lot of newbies who are eager to use every social media channel. They work a little at Facebook social networking site and a little in Twitter, then sprinkled in occasional flyers LinkedIn And Pinterest. Once or twice a week, they post a bunch of content on Pinterest, some of which is kept and can be seen and some of it is not. This is Not a very strong strategy To use the platform the way Pinterest wants to use it. It is preferable to install less frequently but more firmly.

Do you have to hang 15 times a day?

most likely notUnless you’ve been blogging for a while and can make enough graphics for your blogs to post on Pinterest.

One way you can try to achieve this high frequencyHowever, the same pin is installed on multiple boards. If you have boards together overlapping topics which are all related to your niche and are topics that your ideal audience will be interested in, you can install Same pins on many different boardsand group boards to Maximizing the reach of a smaller set of content.

You can also make Multiple Pin Images for the same blog posts or product listings By creating many Unique graphics To associate with one piece of content.

In general, I recommend Start small then build Frequency of your pin as you increase your library of content and/or offerings rather than starting big and then decreasing frequency.

Side note

Along the same lines, I got another question If you must delete the Pins you previously posted which have no repins or less than 5 repins.

My answer is that this is: Not necessary at all.

The strategy for deleting pins became popular years ago because someone tried it Remove their unpopular pins And I saw her stats on Pinterest go up after that.

Herein lies the problem with Pinterest: You might think that a particular strategy works because you see the result you were looking for right away, but it is Not necessarily true.

Don’t get me wrong, your strategy can actually work for your account, but you want it to be Be careful not to jump to conclusion too quickly That the strategy you implemented is directly related to a particular outcome.

Instead of spending time trying to hunt down the various hacks you read about online, Spend your time creating new content. Focus on creating what your ideal customer wants to see, creating high-quality images and a consistent schedule of Pins to share the cool things you have on your website.

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