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You have plenty of room to be creative on Instagram, especially when it comes to your Instagram name. Whether it’s upgrading to a more professional name, changing your niche, or getting bored with your current nickname, there are times when you need to change your Instagram name. This guide will cover everything you need to know about how to change your Instagram name and then some.

What is your Instagram name?

Instagram name or your Instagram name is your Instagram address online and a unique link to your Instagram profile. It appears at the end of your Instagram profile URL and at the top of your profile. It cannot be longer than 30 characters and must only contain letters, numbers, periods, and underscores. Being specific to this rule is the first step in learning how to change your Instagram name or handle your Instagram the right way.

Your Instagram handle is unique to you, your account, and your personality. You must be the only person with that specific name. It is a crucial factor on the platform because it is the first thing that Instagram users encounter. It’s a basic first impression similar to what you meet someone for the first time. Your Instagram name is how other users discover your profile and is a deciding factor whether or not they choose to click Follow.

Assume that you are serious about improving your engagement rates. In this case, you may want to make sure that your Instagram name represents who you are and what you do – understand the criteria for creating the perfect name and learn tips and tricks on how to change your Instagram name when you need to be important when you’re a professional on the platform. Learning how to change your Instagram name will come in handy.

How to change your Instagram name

About a decade later, Instagram was founded, and one of the most popular and basic search words or phrases is still “how to change Instagram username”. Compared to other platforms where changing usernames is restricted, Instagram usernames is a free theme for everyone. You can easily change your Instagram handle whenever you want and as many times as you need. The cool thing is that learning how to change your Instagram name only takes a few steps!

Change your Instagram name on the app

If you use the app and manage more than one Instagram account, double-check that you are logged into the account you want to update. Next, follow these steps to change your Instagram username:

How to change your instagram name - Edit mobile profile on Instagram
  • Open the Instagram app
  • Go to your profile
  • Click on “Edit Profile”
  • Click on the username area. It should appear in an editable text box.
  • Delete your current username and then change it to your new username
  • Click Done
How to change your name on Instagram

Change your Instagram name on desktop

If you’re on the desktop, these steps are all you need:

  • Go to
  • Log in to your profile. If you are already logged in, click Continue when prompted.
  • Click on the profile icon. It is in the upper right corner.
Edit profile section
  • Choose a profile
  • Select “Edit Profile” right next to your name
change username on instagram
  • Change your current username to your new preferred username
  • Click ‘Send’

This is! you are done!

Knowing how to change your Instagram username doesn’t take much. Just a reminder, though. The Instagram Help Center states that if an Instagram account reaches multiple people, you may need to review the username change first. Once the review is complete, you will be notified. If not, the username will be changed immediately if available. Your followers may also be notified of your username change. But just to be sure, you should personally inform your friends and followers of the change.

Kicksta . logo

Tips for choosing your Instagram name

Choosing the best Instagram username is not a small decision because the perfect name sets the tone for your brand personality and identity. Making sure you know how to change your Instagram name correctly ensures that you get the right one. This helps people instantly remember and understand who you are. But finding the perfect Instagram name is tough. You must make sure that your new Instagram name is exactly what you want and need.

1. Include your brand name

Your brand identity starts with your name, so it’s important to be strategic when you brainstorm ideas. Since your Instagram name is the face of your digital presence, it sets the right tone for your identity and should reflect your brand personality. In this way, thinking about your Instagram name is critical to the thought process of figuring out how to change your Instagram name as a content creator, marketer, or entrepreneur.

Nike Instagram name

Your Instagram name may include your brand name, or you can use a branded pun or phrase. However, you should know that there are caveats to this rule. Using only your brand name may not be the most feasible option. Explore other options if your branding is an acronym, a desirable name, difficult to spell, and too long. You can get creative by adding an actionable or descriptive word before or after your brand name to motivate users.

Use your niche, skills, or industry to grow your name and brand on Instagram. Think about how your content’s personality and mood matches your Instagram name.

2. Make it unforgettable

Your Instagram name should be memorable for your target audience. The popular Instagram profiles that are gaining massive engagement have catchy and quirky usernames that their audience will love. Make your name on Instagram fun and easy to remember by deriving from the things you like. You can even turn a statement or an emotion into your Instagram handle. The point is to choose something that sets you apart and makes you shareable. Add a dash of plots with straightness.

drake name instagram

You know your Instagram name is memorable if it includes what your account is about. So give yourself time to brainstorm to rethink your name choice so that you can craft the perfect name that you will be proud of.

3. Keep it simple

Another vital thing to do in all things “How to Change Instagram Name” is to keep your Instagram name simple. Instagram limits usernames to 30 characters, but this isn’t an open invitation to populate your name with complex words and keywords. You don’t need a lot of letters or characters either. This is another tried and true tip on how to change your Instagram name that gets results.

Outer Banks Show Instagram Handle Short

Here are some tips on keeping things simple:

  • Keep your Instagram name short because the longer you name it, the easier it is to forget or misspelled it.
  • Stay away from extra letters and numbers unless you have to.
  • Keep spelling simple and avoid underscores or dashes. Users may easily forget where to put those.

Finally, use a series of words that are easy to pronounce and remember. If people find it difficult to pronounce your name on Instagram, you are making it difficult for yourself to discover your profile. Remember that word of mouth is still the best way to go. This tried and true tip in learning how to change your Instagram username the right way – the kind of way that drives results and brand awareness.

Changing your Instagram name: FAQ

Even if you have figured out how to change your Instagram name, you may still be on the fence about it. If you have had your Instagram account for some time now and have been active in promoting it, this link has been posted on many places. Anxiety and what if is a normal reaction, and fear of the unknown may be what’s holding you back. What will happen to your profile and your followers when you change your Instagram username? We’ve collected the best answers to some common questions.

1. Is it bad to change your Instagram handle?

Although Instagram has not reported any negative effects on accounts that change their username, some users have reported losing engagement after changing the name. When people search for the username associated with the last name on the account, they get a “User Not Found” notification. In theory, users might think that you are no longer active.

2. Will I lose followers if I change my Instagram name?

Probably. Once you change your username, everything in the app switches to your new account name automatically. All previous comments, likes and mentions will display your new username. It is possible that your followers will not recognize you and your new username.

3. What do I do if my name is taken on Instagram?

If the Instagram username you want is prompted, choose an available version of the username. Get creative and hack username with your name, acronym, job title, numbers or letters, or add words like “Inc.” or “me” or “ask” or any other add-on, so I came up with a custom version for that username.

Go for it!

Learning how to change your name on Instagram is very simple, but be sure to take these few extra steps before you get started. Give your followers alerts about the upcoming change so that they will continue to follow you. This way, they will still know how to find you. There is really more to learn how to change your Instagram name, there are things to consider. To test things out, try changing the display name first. If you’ve finally decided to go with your new Instagram name, you at least know you’ve given the decision enough thought.

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