How to Make Content for Facebook & Instagram to Grow Sales

Join the Ecwid Ecommerce Show hosting Jesse and RichE as they discuss opportunities for small businesses to grow with Facebook and Instagram.

In less than 30 minutes, Jesse and RichE discover the key steps to take to make your products visible on the world’s most popular social media platforms. No time to listen? No problem! Take a look through our briefing on the main topics of discussion.

Increase content awareness

People always wonder how they can get more sales. Answer: You have to create content. You have to put your product, your brand, in front of customers on social media, their phones and their computers. This is where the people are. So what does someone new to Facebook, Instagram, or Meta need?

It begins with awareness. One of the reasons we even talk about why you need to create content is that if people aren’t familiar with you, the odds of them buying from you are slim to none. How will they accidentally run across your store? This will be very rare. There should be different forms of content that you present to your brand. Each of these forms of content is likely to get people moving in the buying process.

Take pictures on Facebook and Instagram

You need to take pictures of your product, so put it in your lifestyle shot. The lifestyle shot will be the cross-country shirt on you and your kids. Just a basic action shot.

If you don’t need a template to display your product, arrange it in a nice way, and make it beautiful for the picture. Whatever you’re selling, there’s a way to take pictures of it in a way that makes it look pretty.

Don’t stop at the pictures. Shoot videos and test different formats. The more you think about it, the better. The key is just to get started.

Reduce friction with product tags

You can tag your products in photos and create clickable posts. From a frictionless point of view, customers navigate from that lifestyle image (or regular product image or whatever kind of scenario you’re using) with a tagged product, and land on your product page. This makes online shopping much easier, which ultimately leads to more sales.

Connect your store to Facebook and Instagram

Connect your Ecwid store to Facebook and Instagram. This allows you to upload your products to Facebook. All your products, prices, photos, descriptions, etc. are entered into Facebook and Instagram. You also install the Facebook Pixel which allows you to track results, traffic, and sales.

It also has a relationship that we don’t talk about much about. It’s called FBE. This is the server to server The connection between Ecwid and Facebook, which has an extra level of tracking. When someone buys something, that sale is linked back to your store, so it allows you to keep track of things better.

impact Created by the user Content

Ask your customers to send you a picture of them using your product. Now you have social proof that someone is actually using your product and that they like it. Take that photo, put it in your feed, and tag your product in it.

Customers often use your products in a way they wouldn’t even think of. They take pictures with a different background or a different geography, or a million different things you don’t even think about. So ask your customers to change their profile picture. Also, don’t forget that you can bypass posting on both Instagram and Facebook.

Use multiple content formats

Apart from the regular feed, there are many other formats to take advantage of. For example: reels, which are shorter than vertical videos, 15-30 The second fun shot.

There are also Stories, Lives, and IGTV, which is a longer format. All of these formats are just different ways in which you can play with different content. And you can tag products in all these formats!

You don’t have to do all that, just start with a photo or a short video and go from there. However, keep in mind that these are all different areas where different people use Instagram differently. Some people like to look at the reels. Some people are just browsing photos. Some people love stories. It wouldn’t hurt to test two types of formats and then stick to the one that your audience interacts with the most.

Take risks that big companies can’t take

Small companies have to do things that are difficult for big companies to do. Small businesses can take more chances. They can explore, experiment, try things, break things, and it won’t affect contributors and all kinds of other things.

You want to make sure that your goal is the one that all small businesses have: connecting with the person on the other side. Whatever you’re good at, explore the best ways to create content.

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