How to Retain Customers After the Holidays

Congratulations in order. You put in a lot of work during the holidays and reaped the rewards. This holiday season has likely brought a wave of customers to your store — familiar shoppers and some new faces. Many of these new buyers were likely parents, children, spouses, or friends of your regular audience who came to your store in search of the perfect gift.

Although they may not have been familiar with your products in the past, now you have a chance to turn them into long-time fans.

And who knows? Could be the next holiday season they Friends and family buy more gifts from your e-commerce store, which increases your customer base.

However, the question remains: What can you do to stick with your new customers? In this post, we’ll share some tips on retaining new customers after the holiday season.

Write new content

Now that you’ve got a new customer base, you want to give them content that keeps them going. So don’t be shy! Give them a warm welcome by writing new blog posts or sharing videos that cater directly to their needs. While your existing customers may understand certain terms or technologies in your industry, the latest terminology may not.

Let’s say you own an online toaster. While coffee lovers understand the difference between roasting types, brewing techniques, and harvest locations, a novice to the world of coffee may feel overwhelmed by all the options.

To meet the needs of these customers, consider writing a blog post about ways to brew your coffee (three ways to brew your coffee in the winter season) or an article about a coffee bean website (Arabic coffee vs Colombian coffee – what’s the difference?).

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For example, JoeCoffee has developed guides for brewing their coffee using popular methods. Each one includes photos, recommended brews, and detailed instructions.

Or you can make a short video titled “How to properly prepare a cup of coffee.” Discuss the water temperature with the type of coffee machine or pot they should be using. Resources like this will help them dip their toes into the coffee industry.

Create display ads

Create display ads to catch the new customers you’ve discovered this season. To reach new customers with relevant messages, you need to identify them. There are several ways to create unique audiences for this, but we’ll go through two.

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  1. Create a list in your email marketing tool for new subscribers who joined between certain dates during the holidays and made at least one purchase.
  2. Export this list to CSV.
  3. Use the CSV file to create a Google customer list.

Keep in mind that working with customer lists and customer matching at Google can be a bit stressful. This process is relatively advanced, but it may be worth it if you’re expecting a lot of new shoppers during the holidays.

  1. Create a Google Remarketing Audience at the start of the holiday season and fill it with everyone who’s making a purchase.
  2. The public closes to new members at the end of the holiday season.
  3. Your listing will reveal all the people who bought during this period.

Although useful, the downside to this method is that you can’t tell them apart First time Client.

Display advertising tips

Make sure the ads you create target new customers directly. Refrain from using words that only experienced users or returning customers are familiar with. For example, let’s say you run an online wine brand and describe a wine as “a fine, old-fashioned wine with a sweet tannin finish.”

While it sounds tempting to experienced bartenders, it may not have the same effect for someone just learning about wine. So instead, describe the wine in simpler terms like “a delicious red wine with a smooth finish that makes you want more.”

Use email marketing

Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to reach new customers – and MailPoet’s first email purchase feature makes it even simpler. Start by sending personalized thank you notes to new customers, and give them a warm welcome to your store. Then, in that email, provide recommendations to encourage purchase. You may also decide to include coupon codes for future sales.

MailPoet Email the first purchase

New customers may not be aware of the noteworthy features of their purchased product, or may not understand how to use it. Include a quick guide that highlights some of the salient aspects of the product and how to get the most out of it.

Next, set up an email thread to send periodic messages with tips, product recommendations, or sales alerts.

Reward shoppers

You’ll need to take the first step in creating a relationship with your new clients, and rewarding them is an easy way to start off the right foot:

  • Offer discounts for referrals: New shoppers can quickly become loyal advocates of your brand. For example, you can offer customers a 10% discount for themselves and a friend when they refer someone to your store and make a purchase. As a result, you not only got a new client, but also strengthened your relationship with an existing client.
  • Send seasonal greetings: Let customers know you’re thinking of them by sending seasonal greetings. After a brief message, give them an early look at the season’s latest items.
  • Invite customers to sign up for your loyalty program: A loyalty program is an excellent incentive for people to come back to your store. Create a simple level-based program where customers reach new levels based on their purchases and interaction with your store.

Provide excellent customer service

To keep customers coming back, you have to make them feel like you’ve rolled the red carpet every time they visit your store. Here are four ways you can do this:

  1. Be available for questions: Be available to chat with your customers in real time. Enable chat boxes to appear during the shopping experience allowing them to ask any questions they have. Live Chat extension will help you to stay in touch with customers across different chat platforms. Additionally, consider creating automated answers to frequently asked questions to provide quick answers.
  2. Make returns/exchanges easy: Make returns or exchanges easy with Extended Returns and Warranty. Instead of contacting you or another employee, the whole process will go smoothly through their user account.
  3. Include a thank you note: While you should include thank you notes for every purchase, they are essential for new customers. You can even throw a small gift to show your appreciation. Surprises will help you make a great first impression, and customers will feel motivated to buy again.
  4. Ask for feedback: People love to share their opinions. Give your customers a platform and ask for their input on a recent purchase.

Gain your new clients

Whether you’re attracting new shoppers or welcoming return, it takes an effort to retain customers. Once the festive season is over, don’t let the joy of the holiday go with it. Instead, keep showing your shoppers you care and appreciate their patronage.

Start implementing the above tips now to retain year-round customers and grow your online store.

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