How to Send The Perfect happy Birthday Email

All the love, care and greetings, especially when it comes to such a wonderful holiday as a birthday. No one has ever kept kind and sincere words, cute cards and pleasant gifts, and surprises. And every best friend would like to make someone’s birthday day, and professional e-marketer also tends to congratulate customers by sending private messages.
happy birthday emails. What is necessary to wish in Christmas emailAnd why is it important not to forget the congratulatory campaigns and how to make them automated? Let’s discuss this and other issues on our blog.

Congratulatory mail: Why is this important?

This is a good general rule Birthday emails It is the most effective type of correspondence. No matter what the promotion is, a personal offer sent in the name of the customer works better than group sales. At the same time personalized content, beautiful design and sincere wishes with love, all this instantly increases the loyalty of your audience.

Experian study shows how important transmission is happy birthday emails:

  • high conversion – 4.8 times higher compared to the promotional campaign;
  • frequent clicks – happy birthday emails 1.79 times more unique clicks compared to advertising messages;
  • Increased profitability – e-cards increase profits by 3.4 times than advertising emails.

I recommend happy birthday email templateUsed by world-renowned companies to achieve maximum efficiency. You will likely get great ideas.

Besides the question “how” should the message look, many marketers are interested in the exact time to send congratulations? According to Experian, 55% of greetings are sent directly at Christmas, and over 38% of messages are sent 1-3 weeks before the celebration. We recommend experimenting and sending congratulations a few days in advance. So you will give the customer time to complete the required actions and you will be able to send many reminders. Thus, the customer will not forget to use the special offer on his birthday. Statistically, reminders have 20% higher conversion rates than messages without them.

Configure to send Christmas wishes by email A few days before the birthday, where one of the first messages will be a notification of the promotion starting on the subscriber’s birthday. Don’t forget to mention if the show is available after Christmas as well. Use several communication channels such as email, text messages, and messengers.

Benefits of Auto Salute Campaigns

Keep in mind that you can automate every boring and time-consuming job with just a few clicks. If you plan to send only one letter, you can skip Christmas emails Configure the script and plan for a simple one per day. And in order for subscribers to receive different content each year, remember to change the content and design regularly.

However, you can open up a lot of possibilities with a file Automatic Christmas email:

  • Starting with a simpler scenario to a complex scenario, planning both welcome messages and specials reminders;
  • correction of actions depending on whether the message was opened, whether the link was followed, and what was the response to the message “before” birthday;
  • Possibility to link additional communication channels to enhance the welcome email.

In any case, automation aims to simplify email marketing tasks. However, it is important to know the basics Email birthday wish Create. Only after understanding them can you create a good and interesting message, after which you can configure their automatic transmission. Find the most effective tips below.

Reliable and relevant data as part of a successful salutation

If you do not collect data on birthdays, as well as other information that can help create welcome emails, just send a message to your subscribers asking them to update their profiles. Alternatively, add a dynamic questionnaire directly to the body of the letter. What will you get? In addition to collecting or updating the necessary data, you will also hint at upcoming surprises and birthday gifts. we assure you. Such motivation would work much better than meager requests to fill in the fields in front of the questions.

Focus on content and design

A banal message like, “Congratulations! I hope you are healthy and happy!” reduces the chance of pleasing anyone, because it is not able to cause pleasant emotions. But kind and sincere words in a concise form with a holiday theme, great visualization and GIF animation will make a person interesting. If you want to use talk christmas email templateYou’ll notice that most of them don’t have congratulatory poetry or the “walla” text. Nobody reads it. And God forbid the use of pictures for decoration or ready-made postcards from the Web!

We recommend that you do not include advertising for goods or services in your welcome message. This applies not only to birthday emails, but also to anniversaries email about company birthday and other personal occasions. No negativity, no pressure. Phrases like, “Your birthday present is waiting for you! Take it at the right time!” probably gives the opposite effect.

We also recommend paying special attention to the topic and headings. The words and phrases “Congratulations”, “Happy Birthday”, a brief promotion, gift, discount information, associated with a holiday event, have a special charm and motivate the opening and reading of letters.

Christmas is a fun event, so make sure your message conveys the holiday spirit. Use celebration symbols, uppercase and bright letters, fun design, and animation.

Use personal congratulations and wishes

If you have a heterogeneous audience, be sure to customize your campaigns. Gather your subscriber base and prepare the individual christmas email template Per Segment: Even though it was advanced youth, young mothers, or entrepreneurs. But general neutral mail is the best option for the “Joker in the Package” group. The text may also differ, for example, for men and women, young clients and mature audiences.

Discounts and Gifts: Fat Chance Without It!

It’s hard to argue with that, but we advise you to be a little careful about it. Yes, Christmas is a great reason to please the customer by offering a bonus or free gift. It is imaginative and unforgettable. But keep in mind that next time the subscriber will expect not only symbolic words and discounts, but also big gifts if you strengthened him at least once. So, there are two sides of the same coin. That’s why we recommend working with design and content as much as possible, rather than “buying” with a gift. If you decide to make a surprise, be sure to receive it quickly and easily.

Ideas “Happy Birthday!” Mailing

Let’s move from theory to practice. We have three of the best birthday wishes. Our group includes Starbucks and its prime example in greeting messages. Brief text, beautifully designed, is the secret to the success of their campaigns.

How to Send the Perfect Happy Birthday Email |  proof 2

Here’s Topshop’s “bribe” congratulations with its simple and bright design and promotion too!

How to Send the Perfect Happy Birthday Email |  proof 3

And let’s talk about the classic: a fun banquet between friends, sweets, balloons, and a friendly atmosphere. What could be better? achieves its goal using only 20 words considering such terms.

How to Send the Perfect Happy Birthday Email |  proof 2


We have collected for you the best recommendations to make your congratulatory messages amazing:

  • Beautifully designed message, bright picture, animated effect and cute font work best;
  • The subject and title should immediately indicate that it is a welcome letter;
  • The content should be brief, original and personal;
  • Think of a good joke, because humor is not only possible but desirable in birthday cards;
  • Place the discount, bonus and gift information so that it is immediately visible and the essence is clear;
  • Give the right gifts, because a jigsaw puzzle is not the best gift for a little girl as you know;
  • There should be no typographical, grammatical or lexical errors in your letter.

In the end, when writing and choosing a design, imagine yourself receiving such a message. Do you want to open it and read it? If so, send it safely!

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