How to Use Affiliate Marketing to Level Up Your Ecommerce Strategy

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E-commerce continues to gain in importance as people find it more convenient to shop online, especially when the 2020 pandemic is spreading. Now, the e-commerce sector is ready for 2021. But the first hurdle remains: how to position a particular product in front of the specific audience?

To remove this barrier and increase customer reach, you need to know a thing or two about the marketing and advertising networks of e-commerce operators.

How E-Commerce Players Can Benefit From Affiliate Marketing

Imagine that there is a digital store that sells children’s bikes, and it is about to launch an international seasonal sale. The store has a variety of options: the owner can place paid search ads, contact a multinational agency for sales transformation or hire an international marketing team.

However, what works the most is local and personal promotion. And this is where the partnership between e-commerce players and affiliate marketers becomes profitable. See, thanks to their influence on their viewers, affiliates are the professionals of campaign optimization and local targeting.

How it works? The blogger or website owner (affiliate) recommends the merchant’s goods and gets paid every time the user purchases the merchandise via this recommendation. Purchase is the only paid action.

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Advantages of using affiliate marketing in e-commerce

If you are wondering why merchants should take advantage of this style of online marketing, here are some of the perks:

  • Generates the right leads to your website.
  • It helps you track, control and measure your marketing success.
  • It gives you serious value for your money as it is performance dependent.
  • Expands your brand awareness and reputation.
  • Engines repeat sales.

How to promote an e-commerce offer

With the help of proper affiliate promotion and promotion strategy, you can increase leads and sales from your ad.

Whether your store is small or a business empire, to get the most out of your ecommerce affiliate programs, here’s what to consider.

1. Create an e-commerce offer

Before you start looking for affiliate marketers, you should decide what you will be promoting and what results you can expect. This will be your offer. So what exactly is the show? It is an arrangement offered by the advertiser to attract individual marketers. It may detail things like your brand, business, commission rate, shipping information, product descriptions, landing page, product designs, or images.

2. Directing the right products to the right people

One of the most common mistakes to avoid is pushing an entire e-commerce site down the throat of potential customers. Instead, your efforts should be directed toward meeting their demands. Select the right products that meet the needs of each audience.

Users are quick to ignore unidentified ads and campaigns that are not relevant to their current needs. This is why online advertising must be targeted so precisely.

3. Be sensitive to time and location

Time and place are critical factors in e-commerce. When you enter into a partner program, consider the time and place when developing your campaign.

Pay attention to the differences in time zones. When are potential customers most likely to see your ads? These ads should only be shown to those within the geographic scope of your distribution services.

4. Prepare your landing page

First, your home page shouldn’t be your landing page, mainly because the majority of viewers won’t pay attention for long, as we all get easily distracted these days. Remember, the end goal is to convert as many leads as possible into sales.

You want to focus on the headline (make it catchy and weighted), social proof, CTA (call to action), eye-catching media content (photos, videos, etc.) and compelling copy (containing benefits and product features). Timers, containers and lots of white space – these are the little details that make your landing pages most effective.

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5. Provide your affiliate marketers with visuals

The more attention it gets, the better. The higher the quality and the better. Visual content often works better than words. Or, masterfully combine the two, and you have an affiliate offering that marketers are eager to promote.

Affiliate marketing in e-commerce calls for high-resolution images depicting products, their descriptions, benefits, and sometimes social proof. That’s why you should always create and share high quality visuals with your partner.

6. Think about how to track View your referral

To find exactly how affiliate marketing will affect your e-commerce site, you need to have a distinct idea of ​​how many people click on your ads or links, how many of those clicks convert to leads and how many of those clicks convert. Tools like Google Analytics or traffic tracking tools can provide you with the analysis needed to measure the success of your affiliate campaign.

7. Choose a promotion strategy (or let our affiliate network experts do it for you)

Another vital aspect is choosing an appropriate promotion strategy for your offerings (that is, if you work with publishers directly). If you use an advertising network like Google, you provide all the necessary information about your offer, and affiliate marketing experts decide the best way to promote it. The same is fair for affiliate networks.

Creating the best affiliate offers starts with the right products. Decide which segment of people you will be attracted to your products and services. Draw patterns from their online behavior, target them where they can be found and tailor your ad according to their biases.

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This covers work with bars with which they are in frequent contact. When you understand your target market, you can create a highly productive affiliate marketing campaign in collaboration that results in increased leads, conversions, and sales.

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