How to Write the Perfect Pin Description

although Eye-catching graphics and pin photos Essential to a successful Pinterest strategy, the Pin descriptions Which goes along with them is just as important. Descriptions allow users to not only find your Pins, but to learn more about what you’re linking to, whether it’s a blog post or a product listing.

If you are willing to Create your own Pinterest marketing strategy With high quality content, keep reading and learn You must know the tips For perfect pin descriptions.

What do you include in the pin descriptions?

Pin descriptions must contain a file Attractive, keyword-rich explanation For what is in the content or the link behind your pin. Pin descriptions should tell users how they can take advantage of clicking to get to your site.

How long should your pin descriptions be?

There is no correct length to describe a pin. anywhere between 1-3 sentences It’s the general scope I’m sticking with, but going below or beyond that length is fine as long as you tell the user what they need to know about the page the pin will take them to.

Should I use hashtags?

hashtag Run on Pinterest! I recommend using between At least 3 hashtags, max 20 hashtags For each pin description. You can either add them at the end of your sentences or weave them throughout the description.

When your pin appears on Pinterest main feed or search results, the text under the pin will display the title of the post and the hashtags you’ve included in the description. This means that users will see your hashtags before they even read your pin description, so powerful and relevant hashtags can be used Boost engagement And pay attention to your pins.

Users can also find related articles in a separate “hashtag” feed that displays the pins containing the hashtag in chronological order. You can learn more about this feature here.

How do I add a pin description to the pin images on my site?

For a long time, Pinterest users have been asked to enter a profile Pin descriptions In the alternative sign (any alt text) for the file SEO image on our site. This way, when you add an image to Pinterest directly from our site, Pinterest will use the text in the alt tag field to describe the image’s pin.

However, alt tags actually have a different purpose – they are used to explain the content of an image when the image cannot be loaded, or for visually impaired computer users who cannot read what appears on their screen. for search engine optimization, google browser It requires an “alt text” that describes the image and indexes it accordingly, while Pinterest descriptions Requires text to align with the content in the post linked to the pin image. this is the reason Two types of tags necessary for full optimization.

So far, the best way to include a pin description with your site image is by Using a WordPress plugin It allows you to add and keep both the pin description and the alt text. The best plugin to accomplish this is delicious pins, which allows you to add a pin description separate from the alt tag to your image.

Remember that your PIN description is The hottest piece of Pinterest real estate Where you can improve the search and indexing of your content. Besides designing eye-catching visuals for your pins Draw clicks, these descriptions are the next most important part of Effective Pinterest Marketing Strategy. If you want Pinterest to show your content to people who are searching for it, improve your pin descriptions the right way!

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Here are the top Pin Coach tips for writing pin descriptions.

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