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Hello, I am Saqr Al-Mamoun. LeadStal founder.

After creating a Google Maps lead generation tool called “Gmap Leads Generator”, we got some great feedback from our users. We are very blessed.

Now, we are starting to develop the following automated lead generation tool for Pinterest. Here is the results page.

Step 1: If you have installed the lead generation tool for Pinterest on their browser. There will be a Generate Leads button, every time you search for something on Pinterest.

Step 2: after clickingIng on Create leads Our tool will start collecting all pin and author information and start finding valid emails and social media profiles.

Step 3: After getting and finding data from Pinterest search results, our tool will display the data to users like this.

📝 Social media tables and author email are blank in this screenshot, but in these tables the tool will show author social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and valid emails on these tables.

What types of information will LeadStal’s Pinterest lead generation software provide?

Our tool will collect and find this information for our users:

Author information:

  • Full name of the author (who installed the image)
  • Author’s username
  • Author’s followers
  • Follow the author
  • Author monthly views
  • Author’s website
  • Valid author emails (verified)
  • Total number of pin saved for author
  • Author’s activity (The time when was the last time the author memorized something.)
  • Author profiles on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin and Instagram.

Pin information:

  • pin address
  • Pin . URL
  • Pin . URL source
  • Domain Souce Pin
  • Valid Emails Pin’s Souce (verified)
  • Pin number (How many times has this page been pinned on Pinterest)

🪂 So, What are your thoughts on the upcoming lead generation tool?

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