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Pinterest is the latest social media platform to introduce the option to allow users to reply to comments with videos. Users can now do this via the company’s Idea Pins feature. It launched Pinterest Idea Pins earlier this year to allow creators to record and edit videos with up to 20 pages of content, using tools like audio recording, background music, transitions and other interactive elements. Now, when users find a comment that they want to reply to, they can select the three-dot menu and click “Reply with Idea Pin”. From there, you can choose to shoot a new video or upload an existing video.

“There are more ways than ever to engage with your community on Pinterest. Now you can respond to all comments, questions, and requests with a personalized Idea Pin Reply,” the company said in an announcement post about the new feature. “We wanted to spare you and your thumbs from long responses with narrative texts because some things are simply better presented.”

The launch of the new Pinterest feature comes a few days after Instagram rolled out a similar feature. Late last week, Instagram introduced “Visual Response Reelswhich allows users to reply to comments on posts using Reels. Now, when users choose to reply to a comment, they will see a new option that allows them to select the Reels button to generate a response to the video.

It’s worth noting that the idea of ​​video responses first became popular by TikTok. The short video platform launched video responses last year to give users a way to provide more context around their videos and answer questions. Given the popularity of the feature, it’s no surprise that Instagram and Pinterest have launched similar features for their platforms.

Pinterest has launched several new features aimed at creators over the past few months. The company has also invested in video and video creation tools by acquiring video creation and editing app Vochi for an undisclosed amount. Pinterest has also introduced a new way for users to browse Idea Pin videos in a Watch tab like TikTok, encouraging participation with $20 million in Creators Awards.

The launch of these features indicates that Pinterest is interested in trying to reinvent itself for the TikTok era, largely by copying TikTok’s features and then adding its own transformations. Pinterest isn’t alone in doing this, as TikTok has fueled copies across top social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, Snap, Reddit, and more.

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