Q1 strategies: products to sell in 2022

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In the sales sector, the first quarter (the first quarter of the year) is the most difficult period of the entire year. Christmas is over, people have already spent a lot of money during the holidays, while suppliers in China close the Spring Festival, it is impossible to buy new products. So what are the best strategies to overcome these problems?


Chinese New Year problem

Chinese New Year begins between the end of January and mid-February, depending on the year, and in China the official national holiday lasts for two weeks! The date of Chinese New Year changes every year, and it is customary for most businesses to take a few days off before and after. This means that, on average, your suppliers take at least two weeks off.

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Get ready for the Chinese New Year

The bad news is that if you import from China, your business will definitely be affected by this holiday, and the good news is that once you understand what’s slowing you down, you’ll be in a better position to prepare.

Many suppliers will stop accepting orders in the weeks leading up to the holidays, which means that:

  1. Two weeks before the holiday, the products will begin to run out.
  2. The shortage of merchandise will drive up prices because everyone will want to buy the last stock before the factories close.
  3. Many suppliers will be closed throughout the month so you will not be able to request information on past shipments or quotes for new products.

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What products are to be sold in 2022 during the first quarter?

For sale during the first quarter, you need to buy stock of products before factories close for Chinese New Year. But how do you decide how to buy?

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Getting ready for q1 new year resolution

New Year’s Resolution

At the end of each year, people start thinking about what they have done and how to better themselves in the coming year.

This is called the principle of “New Year’s Resolutions”. Well, we will use this universal habit to create a marketing strategy or to predict which products will be in demand.

Getting ready for Valentine's Day q1

St. Valentine’s day

Similar to the New Year’s resolutions strategy is the Valentine’s Day strategy.

We already know that February 14th will be Valentine’s Day, and people will spend money on gifts and other things for their loved ones.

Holidays and other typical behaviors that are repeated every year during Q that can help you determine what to sell in 2022 are:

  • winter vacation
  • carnival
  • woman’s Day
  • Saint Patrick’s Day

Ask about wholesale prices

Do you need to buy a huge inventory of products for the first quarter?
Book a call with one of our agents!

Faster – fast! You only have until the beginning of January to close your application.

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Q1 Strategies: Products for Sale in 2022

Strategies for success in the first quarter.

Learn more about the above strategies for choosing your winning products.

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How Yakkyofy Can Help You During Q1

The key to success during the first quarter is planning ahead:

  • Choose the products you want to promote, and study customer behavior patterns.
  • Select items that are small in size and not too heavy
  • Order it in stock

With Yakkyofy you get a comprehensive service provided by an Italian company with decades of experience in sourcing products from China. We offer exclusively:

  • High quality products, manufactured by trusted suppliers
  • Quality checks on your goods
  • Professional product photos and videos
  • custom items
  • The packaging bears your own logo.

If you rely on us, you can decide:

  • Free keep your goods in Shenzhen warehouse.
  • Send bulk products to your home, or to an address of your choice
  • Products shipped to our warehouse in Italy, for fast delivery (1-3 days).

Dropshippers Services

By purchasing stock from Yakkyofy, you reduce the processing time from 5 to only 1 working day, and you can keep your goods for free in our warehouse.

>>> Video: Quote for dropshipping

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Shortening processing time

Shortening processing time

How do you calculate your processing time? There is some way to shorten it. Take a look at our guide.

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Wholesale and import services

We can help you buy high quality products from China, and import them to Italy.
You will get a comprehensive quote that clearly shows the price of shipments and charges up to the final destination. To learn how to request a quote, watch the video below.

>>> Video: Bulk Shipping to Your Country or Amazon FBA

Amazon fba

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Do you need to buy a huge inventory of products for the first quarter?
Book a call with one of our agents!

Faster – fast! You only have until the beginning of January to close your application.

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